Maurizio Moreschi (mathematician)

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Hi there, welcome on my personal website! My name is Maurizio and I am an Italian mathematician.
I have obtained my BSc in mathematics from the University of Padova (IT) and my double MSc in mathematics from the University of Regensburg (GE) and Leiden University (NL), in the context of the ALGANT master's program. My master's thesis advisor was dr. Jan-Hendrik Evertse. I have also obtained my excellence-school diploma from the Galilean School of Higher Education.
I am currently employed as a PhD candidate by the Korteweg-de Vries institute of mathematics of the University of Amsterdam (NL), under the supervision of dr. Guus Regts and dr. Viresh Patel.
On top of my love for math research, I also have a strong interest in educational and recreative aspects of math. I particularly enjoy working with high school students with a strong passion for mathematics, in a one-on-one as well as in a classroom context.
On this website, you can find updates and information about any math related activity in which I am involved.
See my CV for more details about my education, work esperience, skills, and interests.



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